Rachel Rivers • June 28,2023

Staff Highlight - Noah Walker

Our OperateBeyond team is full of dedicated specialists working to help you with your dealership’s needs. We will be highlighting team members so you can know a bit more about the people working to help your dealership thrive.

One of the first people you may reach is our Support Specialist, Noah Walker. We asked Noah to share a bit more about himself and his work at OperateBeyond.

My name is Noah Walker, and I am one of the support specialists at Trailer Central. I help with website design, inventory management, and other general support issues. I have been working here since January 2022, and I really enjoy the positive work environment.

In my free time, I collect rocks, minerals, and fossils. I have been married for six years and I have a cat, a tortoise, a gecko, and some fish. My favorite musical artist is Novo Amor, and I really enjoy watching documentaries regarding the topics of physics, philosophy, and geology.

Noah Walker
Rachel Rivers

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