Rachel Rivers • June 28,2023

How to Make an Impactful Holiday Slide

July 4th is just around the corner! Before you take time out to celebrate with your friends and family, consider taking a few minutes to create a slide that gives visitors a powerful visual reminder of your holiday hours.

Creating Your Image

First, start with an image editing software to create your graphic. We like Canva, but there are many free or low-cost options to choose from, and image editing can be done from your desktop, tablet, or even your phone.

Set your canvas to be roughy 1920 x 640 pixels. You’ll want to make sure your slide image is the same height as the rest of your slideshow images so it will align correctly on your home page.

Now for the fun part! Start by adding a background image that conveys your desired tone. We liked this festive image with a flag and fireworks.

Next, add a bit of text describing your holiday hours. If your background image has a lot of detail, consider adding a semi-opaque shape behind your text to help it stand out.

See the difference?

Feel free to play around with fonts and sizes to find the right look for your business. Remember, your viewer will need to be able to read the text within a few seconds.

Want a quick head start on your slide? Use our free Canva template.

Posting Your Slide to Your Website

Once your image is ready, you can upload it to your website in your OperateBeyond back end. Go to My Website > Slideshow, and select Add Slide to upload your slide.

Use the Position numbering to determine where your slide should be in your slideshow rotation. (I like to leave a gap between each number so I can easily rearrange them if needed.)

Don’t forget to use the Activation Date and Expiration Date fields to define when you would like your slide to start and/or stop displaying.

Rachel Rivers

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