Increase close rates 30% to 50% higher on average

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  • Mobile Lead management


    Our CRM allows you to ensure that every lead is taken care of properly and that none fall through the cracks. Implementing a regular follow-up program typically results in close rates 30% to 50% higher than average. Make it even easier by going mobile!


    We provide you with an electronic means of logging and tracking all in-store customer visits, calls and online leads – providing the ability to better manage the efforts of sales staff for accountability and follow-up.


    • Ensure Follow-up – Review & Assign Leads
    • User-Friendly Interface Saves Time
    • Increase productivity
    • Send Texts & Emails through the App
    • Sync’d Emails Ensure All Correspondence is Tracked
    • Add walk-in leads
  • Intelligent Lead Routing


    Stop manually assigning leads. We understand micro managing. But let us kindly allow you to be cc’d and stop clicking the forward button today!

    The CRM allows Intelligent Lead Routing so new leads are captured quickly & accurately and distributed evenly among multiple Sales Associates. Set leads to round robin and independently appropriate leads based on lead type (trade-ins, financing applications, inventory information requests, general contact requests, and more!).

    Even better, you are able to see all correspondence and be notified if a lead that was assigned is not followed up on.


    • Ensure Timely Follow-up/li>
    • Eliminate the Need for Manual Assignment
    • Gain Insight & Control w/ Less Effort
  • Reporting & Analytics


    The CRM allows for detailed data tracking and reporting, including phone and email activity for lead follow-up. Generate reports with the click of a button. Need a custom report? We can do that! Let us know what you need and we will ensure you are set for success with the ability to close more sales!


    • Ensure Timely Follow-up/li>
    • Set and schedule calls
    • Eliminate the Need for Manual Assignment
    • Gain Insight & Control w/ Less Effort
  • Email Campaign Builder



    • Drag/drop templates
    • Create targeted, automated email blasts & drip campaigns
    • Set email blasts for certain times, dates or segmented leads
    • Create & schedule targeted drip campaigns to specific segmented leads
  • Auto Respond Intelligently


    Head towards automation with automated personalized emails that send based on triggers. Create thank you beautiful emails with available variables like, customer name, title of unit of interest, and much more. Set emails on a location and / or salesperson level allowing for even more personalization.

    Some Scenarios Include:

    • Send Automated Followups Thanking for Inquiry (by location) with a Link to the Unit of Interest!
    • Send Thank You Emails for Leads Won
  • Marketing Automation

    Let our system do sales for you and send emails that trigger your customers! Did the lead inquire on a Travel Trailer, and you also sell other RV’s? Make sure your travel trailer leads get emails about other RV offers too. Not all customers purchase right away. The challenge is to nurture them and recover and convert the open lead to a sale. Humans are humans and as the lead get’s older the challenge to follow up increases. Automate the process of following up on cold leads or closed so they remember you when they are ready to complete their next purchase!

    Some Scenarios Include:

    • Send Personalized Sales Campaign Emails for Open Leads
    • Personalize by Item or Category of Interest, Location, and More!
    • Send Service Campaigns or Reminders for Leads Won
  • Activity Intelligence

    Gain insight into what units interest your customer is looking at and when. Easily click to view the unit the customer has inquired on. See what time and what units your customer viewed so you can respond intelligently.

  • Reputation Management

    Online shoppers view your business’ reviews. Having positive Google Reviews are an integral aspect of your dealership’s reputation. The CRM Reputation Management feature encourages customers to quickly and easily write a positive review about their experience with your business. One of the biggest opportunities for getting more positive reviews is by asking for a review from a happy customer! Yet few people do it. Allow us to do it for you.

    • Send Thank You Emails Prompting for a review for Leads Won
    • Send Thank You Texts Prompting for a review for Leads Won*
    • Increase Positive Reviews!
  • Text Campaigns *

    Similarly to email campaigns, the CRM allows you to create personalized text message campaigns so you can automatically:

    • Thank leads for their online inquiries
    • Thank customers for their recent purchases
    • Remind customers about scheduling services
    • Offer promotions
    • Announce a Sale
  • Marketplace Integration *

    Manually posting inventory to Facebook Marketplace is tedious and time-consuming. Even more challenging – keeping track of all the leads you receive from Marketplace and funneling them into your CRM. Import all leads into your CRM, and you have a mess! Yet Manual entry is not likely to happen. Make it easy with our chat interface right inside your CRM. Have a good feeling about a Marketplace lead? Import it into the CRM as a lead. A spam lead? Leave it be.

    • Connect Marketplace and Your CRM
    • Make Managing Marketplace Leads Easier
    • Convert More Marketplace Leads to Sales
    • Build Your Database of Leads Quicker
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